Monday, November 1, 2010

First Post


To start off, the purpose of this blog is to help me post parts of a story I am writing.  It's mainly used to help protect my work in case my computer dies and I lose all the data on the hard drive.  However, if anyone would be so kind, I'd love to have people critique me.  I haven't written in a long time, so I'm not very good.   But, this story is something that's really interesting for me, and I have a drive to tell.

It's in the very very rough draft, so any advice is much appreciated.

Also, I would like to say one more thing!  All characters in this story are fictitious.  While the story is definitely influenced by things that happen in my life, what I write is by NO MEANS how I feel about characters who resemble people I know in real life.

I just don't have that strong of an imagination, so I draw from things that happen to me.  I try to write what I know.

That being said, I'll begin!!

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